Strategic Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Planning
     Process Development and Implementation
     Hardware / Software Standards Development
     Specifying and Fulfilling Owner Requirements
     Project VDC Execution Planning
     Design Work Planning
IPD Project Setup
Design Work Planning

Design firms vary in their approach to balancing the efficiencies to be gained from a planned design process with the flexibility needed to enable creativity.  On any project, though, milestones exist with requirements for specific information.

We use the AIA G202 BIM Protocol Exhibit and the BIMForum LOD Specification to define the state of information at these milestones, and the Lean Construction Institute’s process of “pull” scheduling to assure that effort is focused where and when it’s needed.  Described briefly below is the process we use to develop a work plan that shows everyone what information they need to provide, what information they can rely on from others, and when the information must be made available.

Map Existing Standards

Since the architect is responsible for overall coordination and integration of the design effort, using their standard as a starting point and modifying it only as necessary will bring efficiency to the process.  We begin by working with the architect to map their existing standards for phase completion to the E202’s Model Element Table. 

Identify Special Milestones

Usually milestones exist that are more important to the flow of the project than the traditional percentages of design phase completion – permit submittals, procurement events, etc.  Working with the project team and using the architect’s standards as a starting point, we identify these special milestones and insert them into the Model Element Table.

Define the Milestones

Next we work with the project team to fill in the Model Element Table with the information needed for each building system at each milestone.  We then use pull scheduling – starting with the information needed at the milestone and working backward – to adjust predecessor milestones as necessary.

More detail

For a much more detailed discussion please see the AECPE white paper on the Model Development Specification