Strategic Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Planning
     Process Development and Implementation
     Hardware / Software Standards Development
     Specifying and Fulfilling Owner Requirements
     Project VDC Execution Planning
     Design Work Planning
     IPD Project Setup
IPD Project Setup

IPD projects have both the necessity and the opportunity to implement much of the above at the outset of a project, and will have additional needs as well.  The elements of our IPD project setup process are as follows:

Team Selection

Specifying and Fulfilling Owner Requirements

Expectations Workshop

We hold this workshop as soon as possible after the major participants are on board.  The primary purpose is to:
  • Get the fears that participants may have out on the table and work out ways of mitigating them.
  • Compile lessons learned from previous projects so good practices can be repeated and previous mistakes avoided.
This workshop is also helpful for initial team-building.

Collaboration Training

VDC Project Execution Planning

Design Work Planning

Co-location Facilities Planning

Locating the primary project staff in a “big room” has been found to be one of the most effective means available for supporting collaboration.  The effectiveness of these facilities can be substantially increased beyond simply providing enough space for everyone’s desk.  We design co-location facilities with the following considerations:
  • Adjacencies of disciplines
  • Conference spaces with effective furniture layout and tools (SmartBoards, high-resolution projectors, audio and video conferencing equipment, etc.)
  • Spaces that encourage impromptu gathering and discussion
  • IT infrastructure that provides shared server space for the project team as well as secure access to the members’ company networks