Strategic Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Planning
     Process Development and Implementation
     Hardware / Software Standards Development
     Specifying and Fulfilling Owner Requirements
     Project VDC Execution Planning
     Design Work Planning
IPD Project Setup
Strategic Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Planning

There are currently over 50 processes for which VDC is bringing value to design and construction projects.  See VDC Function Matrix

The basis of a beneficial strategic VDC plan is an informed choice of the functions the firm will put in place and specific plans for developing, implementing, and supporting them.  This is true for both initial forays into VDC and expansion or refinement of existing well-developed programs.  The biggest ROI is achieved when these functions are implemented in an integrated manner, enabling various disciplines to efficiently build on each others’ knowledge.

Our strategic planning process follows these steps:

Document As-Is State

We compile a comprehensive, detailed picture of the firm’s existing capabilities, tools, infrastructure, and documentation.

Define To-Be State

We work with executive leadership to develop a coherent vision around the specific capabilities the firm will develop.  During this phase we triage the VDC functions listed in the
VDC Function Matrix, dividing them into these categories:
  • Implement full capabilities.
  • Prepare for support of use by others on a project, or for full implementation if required on a specific project.  Development in this category can be extremely helpful in pursuing work, and in streamlining the process of setting up a collaborative project.
  • Defer development at this time.  The firm will most likely want to keep a watch on developments in VDC in order to avoid having to play catch-up later.
Perform Gap Analysis

For each process selected for implementation or support, we determine the steps necessary to get from the as-is to the to-be state.  In most areas it is not necessary to start from zero even if the firm currently has no capabilities there – many processes have been developed elsewhere in the industry and can be adapted.

Prioritize Capabilities

Using the to-be state and the gap analysis, we work with the firm’s executive leadership to develop a prioritized list of implementation projects.

Develop and Implement Specific Plans

For each project in the prioritized list, we develop and execute specific plans per Process Development and Implementation.