Strategic Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Planning
     Process Development and Implementation
     Hardware / Software Standards Development
     Specifying and Fulfilling Owner Requirements
     Project VDC Execution Planning
     Design Work Planning
IPD Project Setup
Specifying and Fulfilling Owner Requirements

Skillfully employed collaborative VDC has been proven to bring significant value to projects of all sizes and delivery models.  Realization of this value, though, depends on clear articulation of the owner’s goals and accurate assessment of the capabilities of actual and potential project team members.  Without this clarity time and money may be wasted on rework and unnecessarily detailed models, and the results may fall short of the owner’s expectations.

For owners to receive the value they seek three items are necessary: a clear vision of the goals for VDC use on the project, an RFQ and RFP that clearly articulates these goals, and an effective process for assembling a project team that can deliver on them.

Establish Project Goals

Based on the owner’s priorities for the project (sustainability, cost, design quality, etc.) and the project delivery method (design/build, design/bid/build, IPD, etc.), we aid the owner in selecting the VDC processes (see VDC Function Matrix) that are most important to achieving the goals within the given delivery model.

Develop RFQ/RFP

Capabilities in both VDC and collaborative project delivery methods have become significant marketing factors, so it can be difficult to determine firms’ actual capabilities.  With our in-depth knowledge of the implementation and operation of these processes, we help owners develop RFQ’s and RFP’s that clearly articulate the owner’s VDC and collaboration needs, and that ask the right questions to accurately determine the capabilities of the proposers.

Using the AIA E202 BIM Protocol Exhibit we succinctly define the level of development of deliverable models.  When included in an RFP, this clarity assures that the owner will receive the models necessary to support the anticipated VDC processes without wasting money on unnecessary detail.  It also assures that knowledgeable proposers will clearly understand the modeling effort required, allowing elimination of contingencies and reduction of price.

Assess Proposals

VDC and collaboration capabilities are part of a much larger picture that indicates the overall fitness of potential project participants.  We aid in assessing the VDC and collaboration aspects of RFQ and RFP responses as they relate to this overall picture.