The Science of Collaboration and Innovation
AECPE has partnered with Global Genesis, an international leader in business coaching and leadership development, to offer a two-day workshop in effective collaboration.  Drawing from the fields of negotiation, neuroscience, and psychology, this workshop teaches tools and skills that help interdisciplinary teams to combine their knowledge to produce innovation.  Read more...


AECPE teams with AGC and the BIMForum to develop a full day workshop on the LOD Spec

The Level of Development (LOD) Specification

  • What is it?
  • How do you use it?
  • Why would you want to?

The BIMForum LOD Spec has been recognized as an extremely useful document for defining BIMs.  But where does the rubber meet the road?  How can this document benefit your projects?  Read more...

AEC Process Engineering is a consulting service dedicated to the design and implementation of technology, processes, and collaboration techniques that bring economy, efficiency, innovation, and added value to design and construction.  We couple technologies such as Building Information Modeling and virtual teaming tools with collaboration and consensus-building techniques from the fields of negotiation and business management to create an integrated approach to harnessing the broad range of knowledge, perspectives, and thinking skills present in any design or construction firm or project.

Our value is in putting in place systems, processes, and skills that optimize resource use, minimize redundant effort, and enable teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively, both within firms and across projects.  We can bring this value to firms and projects in a wide range of situations – from those just starting out with Virtual Design and Construction or collaboration to those wanting to build on existing well-developed programs.